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Origami Page

Something You May not know about me is that I LOVE origami! Here are some links to some origami websites. I would try to start off with level one and keep on going up. Here are some Origami terms:

Valley Fold or __________________ is to fold the paper in half so if you look at it from the sides it makes a point down

Mountain Fold or _.._.._.._.._.._ or another patter is same as Valley Fold except it points up


here is one origami website

and here’s the other one


O and here is something to help you from Spongebob. Lol!



1. Blue Puffley - August 15, 2008!!!☻

The power within… the power within… the power within… LOL!!!!
Aqua Blue Sr’s comment: Ya I kno! LOL!!!

2. puppygal376 - September 19, 2008!!!☻

I do NOT remember this episode! LOL!!!!

3. Yoshie yolks - November 10, 2008!!!☻

hi blue and pup

4. jkrfan7 - December 2, 2008!!!☻

I’ve seen this episode. It’s pretty stupid.

5. catsnhamsters09 - January 24, 2009!!!☻

OMG I LOVE THE POWER WITHIN! lol seriously, that’s my fav spongebob moment

6. Stars....they shine...So do I....I'm a star....My world is very sunny :) .....click my name! ♥ - October 4, 2009!!!☻

lol i saw that one too! i even saw the movie….SBSP ROX MY SOX 😀

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