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First Post of 2010 January 1, 2010!!!☻

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Woohoo! First post of ’10!


YAY! September 28, 2009!!!☻

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Edit: I added an important announcement at the bottom of this post, so if you have already read it, read it again!

I’m gonna do what I did once:
Me: Guess What?
You: Oh look! I already don’t care!
Me: Well I’m telling you anyway!
You: Pffft, well don’t give me a quiz on it cause I’m not gonna listen.
Me: Does this always have to happen?
You: What always happens?
Me: I say guess what, and then we get off topic.
You: Yeah, So?
Me: It’s just that I like to be always doing unpredictable stuff, you know?
You: No, not really
Me: Well of course, you never understand
You: Are you saying that…
Me: Yes
You: That I’m an…
Me: Yup
You: Idiot???
Me: Yeah, pretty much!
You: So anyway, what happened?
Me: I-
You: Oh yeah, I don’t care!
Me: I thought you forgot.
You: Me? Nah!
Me: Pfft who am I kidding, nobody wants to know I got $220.
You: Wha-Wha-WHAT???
Me: and I WAS going to give you half of it.
You: WHAT???
Me: But, instead I’ll murder you.
You: NO!
Me: YES! But this time you don’t come back to life. (loads gun)
You: Aww, man, I wanna get you back.
Me: Oh, well
You: yeah… (steals gun)
You: Goodbye. (shoots)
Me: OOOOW!!!

In Memory:

Aqua Blue Sr

He will have a reimbursement in his new site:

I’m so sorry… September 26, 2009!!!☻

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Dear Chloe,
I am so sorry, about what happened in the chat today. I apologize for all those jerk comments I made. I can adjust to the new Chloe now, and I just need to learn to grow up. When I think back at it, I don’t even understand how you were mean. I was really mean, saying you have no life. I’m sorry, my blood sugar was low, and I get mad easily when my blood sugar is low. It’s not you who I wouldn’t want to talk to ever again, it’s you who I’m surprised still talks to.

From Aqua

I’m sad. :*( September 23, 2009!!!☻

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I am really super duper sad right now. First of all, my super duper awesome math teacher… is… in… the… HOSPITAL 😦 :*( 😥 😥 😥 also it has been really gloomy weather. Rainy, and snowy. 😦 boo hoo hoo. Sorry for the short post, I’m just sad. 😦

First Day August 18, 2009!!!☻

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So, today I started middle school! It was really fun, thanks to all of you who told me not to worry about it! Now all I have to worry about is gym: later in the year we half 1 mile runs! :O I can’t do that! I could barely do a quarter mile run without passing out! I have really nice teachers and I had lots of fun! Sorry for the short post – oh wait – all my posts are short! 😀

Orientation August 17, 2009!!!☻

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Edit: I am not allowed to go on xat anymore, cause my day saw it and thought it was inappropriate, so I can’t go on anymore.

I am posting at 6:45 in the morning today, because I have to wake up early, cause it’s orientation day!!!! YAY!!! So, I won’t be home for half the day 😦 but I will be here for the after noon 🙂 maybe 😦 so I am deleting the post before this cause if my mom sees it I will be busted. If you didn’t see it, just email me. Also if you call me the name a lot of you call me now, from xat, if you could go back to Aqua BLue Sr, that would be great, also, because my mom would have a cow if she found out. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good, then you don’t have to forget about it.

A little question: August 13, 2009!!!☻

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People, It has been a while and I have been one of the only people who haven’t uploaded a picture. Should I? Now before you say yes cause you are curious to see what my face looks like, actually think about if it’s the right choice, or not, if it’s dangerous or not, just tell me. Nearly everyone’s shown their face at some point, like Icedeburd, Pitterpotter, Ilan, and a bunch of other people, so should I???

School :( August 12, 2009!!!☻

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So… I am starting middle school on tuesday and I am really nervous. I am in 7th grade accelerated math. Also, since I am in 7th grade math, I don’t know whether I am going to go to the seventh grade classroom, or stay on the second story, where my core is. I am really nervous. Have you ever gone to middle school? Is it fun? Is it hard? And is it hard to transition from elementary school?

Ho Hum August 9, 2009!!!☻

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Wow. Haven’t posted here in a while, have I? Ho Hum.

“Tonight, We play to the guitar bite.  For those about to rock, I salute you”  Bon Scott, 1948-1980

Now, What to talk about?  Maybe… Family? Friends?……..Corn?

Mmmm.  Corn is gooooood.  Especially with butter and salt and corn-bread and spam (Spiced Ham) and Coca-Cola©  in a frosted 90th Anniversary A&W© mug that costed $6.95.  Ahhh.  The sweet taste of a cold Coca-Cola©.

Anyways, gotta go.  Bye!


Hi people of Aqua’s blog ;) August 5, 2009!!!☻

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Hey peoplez,

Since Aqua’s busy 2day – he asked me to post for him 😀 I figured I’d do that since I have literally nothing to do right now and everything. Okay, so I’m gunna talk about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which I FINALLY watched today !!

Okay, first off it is just MAJORLY awesome. I mean, it’s got everything a movie should have – death, evil people, funny-ness, people making out, crying because your jealous, crying because your sad and hottness actors. Having hottness actors in a film is very important to me – it makes the film a gazillion times better since you don’t have to watch not-hottness actors walking around blabbing on about stuff. Okay, so I’d give it a 10/10 on how amazingful it is. I’d give it a 20/10 on how amazingful the actors looked in it – I especially lurved Hermiones hair, it looked soo cool! I want my stupid hair to look like that, all pretty and like, wavyish not frizzyish or stupidly frizzy-straight. :mrgreen: Okay, so I’d rate the cinema I went to about 7/10 – it’s okay but its not that great. And I’d rate the people I was watching it with 0/10 cuz they didn’t know what the hell was going on. One of those people was my all lovely mother and the other was this friendish kid who lives down mah road – we used to be good friends but we like kinda stopped this year, but since we’re in the same class next year we should be alllll matey-ish again 😆

Okay, so my fave character’s Ron – he’z got BAD hair but his characteristic thing is really funny and stuff, and it’s funneh watching him make out with Lavender and get Hermione all jealous and stuff. Mah second fave character’s probably either Fred or George Weasley even though they aren’t really in the movie that much. But they’re awesome ;D It’s kinda funny in the movie when they’re in there shop thing and Ron’s trying 2 persaude them 2 let him have whatever he had in his hand for free cuz he’s their bro and they’re just like ’10 (insert the name of whatever wizarding money it was – I forgot 😆 ) then’. Ahh, isn’t that just brotherly love? Well, yeah, I’m guessing it is cuz my bro would soo be like that 😀

My least favourite characters Hermione – she just really annoys me, even though I LOVE her hair. She has a really bad fashion sense too 😛 But her character personality really annoys me, she’s like so nice-ish and stuff and her jealousy’s kinda funny too – I mean seriously, if she’s that damned jealous of Ron and Lavender why doesn’t she just go damned tell them in the first pleace? Sooo annoying. I mean, she’s meant to be a freaking smart teenager for the name of muffins, isn’t she? But I still adore her hair.

My favourite bit was probably…actually I don’t know xD But the bit I probably found funniest was when Ron and Lavender were making out – aren’t I just so mature?! Why yes, yes I am actually, despite how I find it extremely hilarious that people make out in movies ;D But srsly, I act somewhat different in real life :mrgreen:

Okay, so maybe I’ll post more on this site from now on…but I only posted 2day cuz Aqua asked me too =O Anywayz, laters people.