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About Aqua



Height: 4′ 10″

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: One more question like this and I’m calling the police!


Face shape: Apple face

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Skin color: a light tan this color

Favorite book: idk anything fantasy

Favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Favorite TV show: South Park

Favorite website: WordPress, YouTube

Favorite TV channel: On Demand, Disney Channel

Favorite Vacation area: Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe

South Park me:

south park me

I’m beautiful, aren’t I?



1. icedeburd - October 16, 2008!!!☻

oh i’m in year 5. i’m nine! i’m ten in december so i’m with year six!

2. ::βrꆆ:: - March 27, 2009!!!☻

Mez will answa them too! LOLz 😀
Name: Brett
Age: 12
Grade: 6
State: North Carolina! 🙂
City: Won’t tell. But by the capital though!

3. Chloe - March 29, 2009!!!☻

I shalll do this tooo 😀
Age: 10
Grade: 5 (but, thatz in the English grading system :] )
State: Notz in america – no answer for that 😛
City: Eh…its 139 milez away from London 😀

4. Sparky - March 30, 2009!!!☻

I wantz to do it!
Name: Chris
Age: 10
Grade: 5
State: Colorado
City: Why you wanna know that? Are you a stalker?

5. J◆D◆Aqua - May 12, 2009!!!☻

whoa I need to update!

6. Nev! At the Disco - October 2, 2009!!!☻

oo cool ive never been to lake tahoe but ive been to lake mead ^_^ you should go there sometime when its hot! it’s awesome. Lake tahoe is really far for me. about a 1 hour drive..

☢Aqua Blue Sr☢ - October 3, 2009!!!☻

That’s far? It’s like two days from where I live! You really should go there! I have a cabin on Rubicon Bay there! It’s AWESOME! The beach is SO COOL! One time, there was a beach party and I dyed my hair red, white, and blue!

7. Stars....they shine...So do I....I'm a star....My world is very sunny :) .....click my name! ♥ - October 5, 2009!!!☻

HEY! WAIT A SEC! 1ST U SWORE ON MY BLOG! AND U LIED! U LIKE SOUTHPARK, UR A BOY!!!!(hey and u do look gorgeous south park style 😆 ) u said ur a girl….ugh ur banned from my blog 4eva

8. Umph - October 17, 2009!!!☻

On Jorjeea’s blog, you said ur bloodsugar was low. Do u have diabetes? I do. I get the same way when mine is low.

☢Aqua Blue Sr☢ - October 17, 2009!!!☻

No, and I don’t know why my bloodsugar gets low. I question why, myself.

9. Umph - October 18, 2009!!!☻

Yeah, because non-diabetics have the right amount of insulin in their body, so they shouldn’t get low. Weird o_0

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